It is recommended to watch one of the introduction videos before testing RidingData. The time is a good investment to gain understanding of the concepts and workflows. Depending on your experience in race data analysis, you can choose between two introduction variants.

The videos are shot in Full-HD resolution. It is recommended to watch on a high-resolution monitor. It might be a bit small on the phone.

Quick Start Guide

A brief introduction to the data analysis and data import from multiple logger manufacturers.
Video run time: 19 min

Video content
  • Analysis
  • Data Import


Watch this video if you are experienced in race data analysis.
Video run time: 33 min

Video content
  • Help system
  • Navigation (Modules, Submodules)
  • Create a rider
  • Data import
  • Lap selection
  • Configuration of plots
  • Working with plot templates
  • Zoom, Pan, Reset
  • Comparison of multiple laps
  • Time difference analysis
  • Section analysis
  • Ideal time
  • Using snap shoots

Extended Introduction

This video is created for people who have no or less experience in race data analysis. Beside showing concepts and workflows, some basic considerations regarding data-driven improvements will be presented. A real-world example will be used to explain the topics.

Video run time: 1 h 32 min

Video content
  • Data-driven improvements
  • Your benefits
  • Help system
  • Navigation (Modules, Submodules)
  • Rider creation
  • Data imports (in detail)
  • Lap selection panel, much more than just lap selection
  • Benchmark data
  • Configuration of plots
  • Data tips and markers
  • Working with plot templates
  • Zoom, Pan, Reset
  • Multi lap comparison (detailed example)
  • Understand X-axis "Track Position"
  • Time difference analysis in detail
  • Sections analysis
  • Ideal time
  • Working with snap shoots
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