Get the current RidingData installer by clicking on the download link. Test version and full version is the same installer. Information regarding requirements and the test version can be found below.

Current Version: 1.01 released 19.05.2024
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Test RidingData without risk:

# No account or any other personal information necessary
# No credit card information necessary
# Test phase ends automatically

Update Instructions

  • 1.) Download installer

  • 2.) Run the installer on your computer
    If an older version is installed, it will be replaced. Data, settings and license codes will be kept.

  • 3.) Start RidingData
    At the first start after the update, you will be asked to add new and/or update tracks. The decision is yours.

    Have fun with your new version!


GPS Logger

You need a GPS-based logger from one of the manufacturers Starlane, AIM, I2M, 2D, Motec or CrossBox. More manufacturers will follow.

A data connection to the bike (CAN) is not necessary, but might be an advantage when looking for root causes.

The RidingData DNA is based on GPS position. If the GPS quality of your logger is not sufficient, we will support you in that topic as good as possible.


Your laptop or desktop computer must run on Windows 10 or 11. A laptop is an advantage to take it with to the track.

Full-HD monitor resolution would be good, and calculation power is an advantage too.

Best download RidingData and start the test phase to check, if everything works fine on your system.


When choosing the systematic way to improve your lap time, you must invest some time to get familiar with the environment.

Training videos, the help system and our support will help you to learn RidingData.


When installing and starting RidingData the first time on a computer, a 21 days evaluation phase is initiated automatically. During this phase, full functionality can be tested. Only two restrictions are given:

  • Maximum of 5 own riders can be defined

  • For each track, a maximum of 10 data sets can be imported

At first start, you can decide, if demo data shall be implemented. These are some data sets for the track "HockenheimGP". If you have not own data, this possibility lets you test the software with the demo data.

Generally, you can test, if RidingData fulfills your expectations and if your hardware (logger, computer) meets the requirements.

When the evaluation phase ends, the license level changes over to a "No License" state. This means, no further rider can be added and not further imports can be done. But already existing data can still be analyzed.

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